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Skydive Tennessee is located at the Tullahoma Regional Airport in downtown Tullahoma, TN.  We are open primarily on the weekends, but can schedule jumps during the week with ample notice.  If you'd like to make a jump, please CLICK HERE to book online as early as possible, as our manifest tends to fill up quickly during the summer.  For further information or to have one of our staff answer any other questions, please contact us!


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For Students:

Tandem Skydive with reservation Summer Special

Tandem Skydive Military rate

Tandem Student/Senior rate

Tandem Skydive Walk-in price





Tandem groups of 4 or more (each) with reservation


Tandem groups of 10 or more (each) with reservation

Tandem Groups of 20 or more (each) with reservation



DVD Video  and Pics edited w/music of your skydive (a must-have!)


Accelerated Freefall Course (to become a certified skydiver):

(takes place at our Cullman Alabama location) 

AFF Ground School


AFF Jumps Level 1 thru 3, each jump


AFF Jumps Level 4 thru 7, each jump


AFF Bundle (save $233)

Prepaid "A" License Bundle (save $284)



For Experienced Skydivers:

Lift Ticket

Gear Rental -Per Jump





Reserve Repack

25 Jump Bundle (save $25)

50 Jump Bundle (save $100)

100 Jump Bundle (save $300)





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Terms, Conditions, and Pricing

Tandem Skydive
A Tandem Skydive is the first step in our training program and is required before proceeding to the next step, the AFF Skydive (see Student Jump Programs).

You must be at least 18 to skydive at Tennessee Skydiving LLC.

Maximum weight is 240 lbs. If we feel that your physical condition or body shape is not appropriate for skydiving we will not allow you to jump regardless of your weight.

We accept American Express, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, checks, and cash.

Reservations, Deposits, and Refunds:
We take a $50 deposit to hold a reservation that is NON refundable. 

You must budget 2-4 hours for your jump. Your jump is usually completed in about 2 hours but you must be prepared to stay 4 hours to allow for delays due to weather, aircraft issues, student backlog, late arrivals, etc. Skydiving is not like a Church Service, a Carnival ride, it is not Bowling, and it is not done in a controlled environment where we can guarantee an exact schedule. You must be prepared to stay 4 hours.

Video and Still Picture Policy:
If you purchase the video and still picture package, your instructor will film you with a gopro HD camera. He will usually film you getting ready, you in the aircraft, in freefall and your landing. Something thats special about our videos is we also capture your reaction AFTER the parachute opens and some of your flight under the parachute. 

As it is physically impossible for the freefall photographer to video more than one Tandem in freefall, each Tandem jumper must have his/her own photographer.

Your video will be edited, matched with music and put on a DVD which will be handed to you or mailed to you if we get particularly busy.


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