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  • Learning to skydive at Skydive Tennessee is a great place to start. We are located only 1 hour and 20 minutes away from Nashville Tennessee! We are veteran owned and operated with most of our staff being current and former military skydivers and freefall instructors.

    We have a great AFF program (Accelerated FreeFall) that is guaranteed to get you in the air and skydiving solo in no time! The program consists of a ground school followed by seven jumps with either two or one instructors. Each jump is a pass/fail type jump and after each one is passed then the student can progress on to the next skydive. The eighth jump is the first true solo. You will have to make at least one skydive every thirty days or you will be required to repeat the previous level skydive.

    The first step is a 4-6hr ground school which can be scheduled by calling us at 931-455-4574. Ground School is $125 and usually runs on Sunday Mornings and other times by appointment.

    Sign The Waiver!

    Sign our online Fun Jumper waiver.

    At the end of the Ground School, you will take a test and demonstrate that you are ready to be allowed in the air to make your first skydive.

    On the first three skydives in the seven jump program, you will be accompanied by two USPA AFF instructors who will provide assistance and hold you for stability whilst you perform the required FreeFall tasks.

    Jump One, Two, and Three: $239 each.

    You will wear your own parachute, helmet, goggles, altimeter, jumpsuit, and radio. All of this is provided by us and included in the price of each jump. Two of our United States Parachute association rated skydivers will be there with you every step of the way. They will accompany you to the aircraft and review the entire skydive many times whilst you all climb up to altitude in our military certified aircraft. Enjoy views of Nashville on a clear day but your mind will probably be focused on the skydive. The instructors will climb out of the aircraft with you as you perform your exit count and the three of you will leave the aircraft in unison from 13,000ft!! Once in freefall, you will arch your body as taught whilst the two instructors hold you for stability. You will check your altimeter until 5500 feet when you will pull your parachute. If you don’t then the AFF instructors will pull it for you. Once you land safely under the radio guidance of the instructors you will be graduated on to jump two or Level 2 as we call it!

    Jump Four, Five, Six, and Seven: $199 each

    After completing the first three you will go down to having just one instructor accompanying you and he will mainly be there for observation while you perform tasks such as 360 degree turns, back loops, front loops, barrel rolls, and tracking across the sky like James Bond!

    Jump Eight: $61 and SOLO