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Videos above are an example of the three video packages in order.

A great way to remember your first skydiving experience is to purchase a video of your skydive that includes stills. Packages arrange from $149 – $249.

Personal Video Package – $149: Your instructor will have an HD camera attached to their hand to get an up-close recording of your jump! The video will include an interview with you before you go, recording part of the ride up, exit, freefall, and usually once you are under the canopy as well as on the ground after the jump.

Professional Picture and Video Package- $179: For this jump, you are hiring an outside videographer (separately trained skydiver) to jump out with you! The video includes many of the same parts, but from the outside point of view of the cameraman. Also includes 20-50 high-quality digital photos sent to you via email. We are very fortunate to have highly trained and super friendly videographers, who take a lot of pride in their work!

ULTIMATE Picture and Video Package- $249: This is it. The whole thing. This package combines BOTH of the above video packages so that your instructor will be recording from his point of view as well as having the outside videographer record from his! Edited with music and includes 20-50 high-quality digital photos sent via email.

All video packages come with three edits of your adventure still photos edited and sent directly to your email via SHRED.