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Videos above is an example of the three video packages in order.

A great way to remember your first skydiving experience is to purchase a video of your skydive that includes stills. Packages arrange from $99 – $179.

First package starts at $99 with a GoPro attached to your instructor wrist which will be edited with stills. Includes pre-jump interview, loading, take off, free fall, canopy time and post jump interview.

Second video package at $119 is filmed by a professional videographer. When it’s time to go the videographer will actually jump alongside you in free fall and film your skydive! Video includes pre-jump interview, loading, take off, free fall but NO canopy time and landing following with a post jump interview.

Third package at $179 is combination of the two previous video packages so you don’t  miss a moment of your experience from the pre-interview all the way up to free fall, canopy time, landing and post jump interview.

COVID 19 UPDATE:To Our Valued Customers

Skydive Tennessee would like to announce the skydive reopening for Friday May 15th!

We know that the skydiving community is anxious to resume operations and get back into the sky again and are implementing an evolving set of guidelines to help us search for the safest possible new normal during this time of Coronavirus transmission concern.

1: Steps are being taken to disinfect our skydive center and the associated equipment.

2: We ask that a mask be worn while at the skydive center and we should all be practicing an appropriate amount of social distancing.

3: Spectators are welcome but we ask that they remain in the outdoor viewing area where the airflow maximizes safety.

4: Additional aircraft ventilation will be utilized and maximized appropriately to the given weather conditions.

As we learn more about how to live best in the era of Covid-19 these guidelines may be updated or changed but always with the goal of maintaining the safest possible environment for all of us. We value and appreciate your patronage and fellowship and look forward to seeing you all soon.

Blue Skies!!!

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