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What Do Skydiving And Playing The Lottery Have In Common?

According to psychologists, while the chances of playing and winning the lottery are pretty small, people enjoy dreaming. We all like to daydream of a better life for us and our loved ones. And chances are our brains have a part where fantasy is almost as good as the reality we live in. So when we start to envision all the things we could accomplish with a huge jackpot prize, what sport car e are going to win, where we are going to travel first, how will we break the news of quitting to our bosses, we indulge ourselves into a pleasant fantasy to be in. the problem is our wired are simply not properly wired to comprehend the kind of incredibly small odds and probabilities of winning a large jackpot. So we do not see anything wrong with playing week after week, no matter how small the chances of winning. So what does skydiving have to do with playing the lottery? It's all about chances.

What If You Fall Out Of A Plane While Skydiving?

The chances of winning a huge jackpot prize are probably smaller than the chances of having some sort of a plane accident misfortune or accident happen to you. However, finding yourself falling through the air unexpectedly while you were getting ready to skydive with your instructor will most definitely mean you are having a bad day. Not winning yet another lottery game – not so much.

You see, you are already used to not winning, you expect not to win, but somehow you still hope you will manage to delude yourself into thinking you have a decent chance. And this keeps you excited for long enough to make yet another ticket purchase. And the simplicity of playing the lottery today with the help of online platforms and websites that specialize in lotteries throughout the world makes it even more easier on our brain to push us to keep playing.

Also, despite of being aware of the possibility of unfortunate things happening up in the air while skydiving, more and more people decide to do it – and them come back and do it again. While the odds of falling out at 12,000 feet or 2 miles up in the air are not very big, they are still out there. You will only have 60 seconds before hitting the ground. During the free fall, you will reach around 125 mph in case your arms and legs remain extended. The first thing you will need to do is search for a body of water and try to dive in it. If this is not possible, you should aim for a tree with a lot of branches. This is how a person in World War II managed to survive a jump with no parachute from 18,000 feet.

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Another thing that skydiving and playing the lottery have in common is the amount of adrenaline they pump into our system. Looking at the latest lotto numbers trying to figure out if any or all of them finally came out and you won a couple of But discovering that you actually won – or that you were at least fairly close to winning – will most likely make you feel as excited as jumping out of a plane with a parachute on. If you are eager to play the lottery right now, you can buy lottery tickets online here on the Ice Lotto web site online and take advantage of their discounts and random number generator option.